Got To Tri are planning their first UK based Tri camps based in Brighton. We think the fantastic facilities and amazing scenery will make Brighton a go-to Triathlon location😍

When is it?

We are planning on holding the Tri camps during the last week of July.

Where is it?

Top tips for cycling to work

Photo by Jack Alexander on Unsplash

When it comes to getting to work, there are a number of ways to travel — and cycling is just one of them.

Whether you are a keen cyclist or just looking for a more enjoyable (and affordable) commute, cycling to work will undoubtedly get your blood flowing and brain switched on for the day ahead.

Numerous studies have shown that daily exercise can reduce stress, alleviate symptoms of depression, improve sleep patterns for individuals with insomnia, and reduce anxiety. …

Blue Monday isn’t real anyway.

We all start the year with a list of resolutions and expectations. Fuelled by the prospect of change, we set ourselves goals and targets; some realistic, some ridiculous.

As triathletes, hitting the new year is a turning point for our training and our attitudes: Strava resets. And we suddenly realise that this is the same year as our A race.

Everything quickly becomes more real. And herein lies the risk.

The third Monday of January is now known as ‘Blue Monday’, the “most miserable day” of the year. …

How Got To Tri built a bespoke camp for Paul Fowler and his team

Train abroad

As a Coach, a week training with your athletes in the sunshine is a dream opportunity. However organising a training camp, with the detailed training plans, routes, accommodation, booking process and execution requires a lot of time and resource.

Paul Fowler brought 16 athletes out to Mallorca for a weeks training camp.

Run Training Session

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

Hill reps are great all year round but particularly useful in your annual preparation to gain strength and muscular endurance.

Perform this session once a week or once every two weeks.

Run on a 4-to-8 percent incline. The grade must be reasonable and not so steep that you can’t run with rhythm. The effort should be steady and not too intense.

The idea is to build strength without working toward a race effort. Stay below your threshold heart rate (your threshold heart rate corresponds to the pace at which you would typically run a 10K).

After a good warm-up, do…

The secret to living longer [is not exercise]

Take a look at this picture — snapped from a TED video discussing a recent scientific survey of the life factors that correlate most strongly with a long and healthy life. They are surprising — particularly for any Triathletes/ Endurance athletes as diet and exercise are nowhere near the top of the list of importance (though they do contribute — don’t give up immediately!).

In fact, beyond not ingesting poison (i.e. tobacco & alcohol), your relationships are far and away the most significant factors in getting to 100 hale & hearty.

We all know the negatives of triathlon training and…

Cutting corners will not deliver results

As we enter the new year many of us make resolutions, designed to make us accountable, for becoming better versions of ourselves. Seasonal trends like Dry January and Veganuary dominate office chatter and ruin dinner parties.

Some will be opting for the old fashioned diet, trying to shift the Christmas kilos, with the goal of working back to race weight. At Got To Tri, we also have indulged over the Christmas break and will be more conscious of our diet moving forward but the key message is to not fall for the ‘quick fix’.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

The January challenges can help hit…

Gifts & stocking fillers for the triathlete in your life (it’s ok if that person is you).

Photo by andrewtneel on Unsplash

There is always something a triathlete “needs” so you can bet they’ll be over the moon if you wrap up something triathlon-related for them this Christmas. Whether you’re looking for a show stopping gift or a stocking filler, we have put together a triathlete’s list for Father Christmas. *Hopefully our families read this too…

Make a splash

If you’re looking to spoil someone with a luxury gift or you’re just going for the essentials, then we’re sure you’ll find something on this list. With each item, there are variations of brand and product available.

Dry Robe

The ultimate post-swim change robe and towel changing robe…

The best places to pick up deals for triathletes

Black Friday, a US-inspired phenomenon, is a day of discounts. Fortunately in the UK, most of the shopping takes place online which means you can pick up bargains from the comfort of your sofa and avoid unnecessary injury from mass starts:

Some retailers have started running Black Friday offers in the run up to the actual day, the 24th November. In this case, products are discounted until they are sold out so there is a sense of urgency if you spy something you need.*

To help you snag the best deals, we have outlined our Black Triday hot-spots:



Indoor or outdoor session incorporating micro-intervals

This is a great session if you only have 60 minutes. Its best done on a turbo but you can do it on the road.

This session combines two very effective forms of training; riding at an intensity called sweet spot, and short intervals that push up your maximum sustainable power output.

The term ‘sweet spot’ refers to an intensity of training that is hard enough to elicit substantial physiological benefit but not so hard as to be unsustainable. It lies at around 90 percent of threshold power. …

Got To Tri

We design #triathlon camps specially for you. Whether you want a fully coached week or you want to do the coaching, we can help. #TriCamps #AllThingsTri

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